It’s not even close to being soup weather here in Tucson. It’s the end of May, and temps have been sourin’ up into the mid- to upper-90’s, which can only mean one thing: summer is upon us. Unless it’s gazpacho, we typically don’t even bother with soup until November or December… but this creamy cauliflower and wild rice soup is an exception.

To be honest, I was just in the mood for a creamy, comforting soup today! The other day, I failed epically at making my own rendition of a vegan broccoli cheese soup (hence why it never made it to this blog!), but I didn’t let that stop me from trying again. We had a few heads of cauliflower in our fridge just begging to be used… and thus, this soup was born.

First off, a word for the wise: don’t make the same mistake I did earlier this week. I actually wanted to try and make this soup a few days ago! However, I had this vision in my head of a creamy base using soaked cashews… but when dinnertime rolled around, I had a total “face palm” moment: the cashews were never soaked.

Soak your cashews in a bowl of water at least 1-2 hours before you think you’ll be having dinner. Any less than a full hour, and they won’t be soft enough. (And of course, there’s no harm in letting them soak for longer.)

The two herbal stars of this show are a couple of spices that tend to get neglected in my kitchen: thyme and rosemary. My husband’s a garlic fiend, and we love some good ol’ fashioned salt, pepper, and nooch (all of which make an appearance in this recipe).

But adding dried thyme and rosemary to your sautéed veggies (and really letting them soak up the flavor!) helps take this soup to a whole new level. Seriously. Don’t skip ’em.

All in all, this recipe is pretty simple and straightforward. Combine your cooked wild rice, your veggies/stock base, and your pureed creamy cauliflower sauce into a single pot… et voila! You’ve got a delectable, savory, and totally healthy soup for the whole family to enjoy.

Creamy Cauliflower & Wild Rice Soup

Total Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 4-6


  • 1 cup uncooked wild rice blend
  • 4 c. fresh cauliflower florets
  • 1 tbsp. avocado oil
  • 1 large white onion, diced
  • 3 medium carrots, diced
  • 3 celery stalks, diced
  • 1/2 tsp. dried thyme
  • 1/2 tsp. dried rosemary
  • 1 tsp. minced garlic
  • 4 c. vegetable broth (I used homemade)
  • 1 1/2 c. water
  • 2/3 c. cashews, soaked for 1-2 hours
  • 1/2 c. nutritional yeast
  • 2 tbsp. lemon juice (about 1/2 lemon)
  • 2 tsp. sea salt
  • Black pepper, to taste


  1. Cook your rice. (My preference is to use this digital multicooker from Aroma. I add 1 c. uncooked rice with 2 c. homemade vegetable broth, select the “rice” setting and wait until it’s done.) Once your rice is cooked, set aside.
  2. Meanwhile, bring a large pot of water to a bowl. Add your cauliflower florets and cook for 8-10 minutes, or until fork-tender. Drain and set aside.
  3. Heat your oil in a large stockpot over medium heat. Add the onion, carrots, celery, thyme, and rosemary. Saute for 5-7 minutes, just until the vegetables begin to soften.
  4. Add the garlic and continue to stir for 4-5 minutes.
  5. Stir in your vegetable broth, increase the heat, and bring to a boil. Then, reduce to a simmer and let cook for 10-15 minutes (or until veggies are tender).
  6. Add your boiled cauliflower to a blender along with your water, soaked/drained cashews, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, and salt. Blend on high for several minutes, until completely smooth and creamy.
  7. Add the cauliflower cream mixture to your stockpot, and stir to incorporate. Let simmer together for 5 more minutes.
  8. Add black pepper (or more salt) to taste. Serve warm.

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