Shortly before my son was born, my partner gave me a beautiful diamond ring to symbolize our love and commitment to one another. I was (and still am!) so infatuated with it, I never wanted to take it off. This was fine for awhile… until I was ready to shed the baby weight and wanted to get outside and active again.

Then the fear truly set in: what if something happened to my gorgeous ring while I was out hiking, climbing, or adventuring? I would never forgive myself if I lost it.

Luckily, we live in a day and age where silicone wedding bands are a thing. Silicone rings and wedding bands are safe, stylish and versatile. They are specifically engineered to adapt to your job or active lifestyle. No need to worry about your real ring when you’ve got one (or more!) of these alternatives.

There are many options and brands out there. Honestly, it would take ages to review them all! These are 3 silicone rings that I personally own and have endured the elements being out on the trail with me.

Ring #1: Iron Band

The very first silicone ring I owned was this one from Iron Band (in Sparkle Pink Purple, size small). My partner gifted it to me shortly before Mother’s Day, and it has special sentimental significance for me.

First of all, this style of silicone ring is very thick! It feels durable… but with that being said, it has very little “stretch”, so you want to be fairly accurate with your sizing.

I typically wear a size 6, so their size Small (5-7) fit perfectly. The edges are rounded to make it feel a bit more comfortable… almost like it’s not even there. I’ve worked out with it on — even went rock climbing — and it felt great. There was no rubbing or worrying about pinching my finger.

This ring is a keeper! This particular size and color cost $12.95 on Amazon, but other combinations can be purchased for as little as $6.95.

Ring #2: ThunderFit

I purchased this Thin and Stackable Ring from ThunderFit (Black, size 5.5-6) to have a thinner, sleeker, more neutral ring option.

Since I typically wear a size 6, I rolled the dice and ordered a size 5.5-6. This turned out to be a good choice, because ThunderFit’s rings have a LOT of stretch… almost too much stretch.

The excess stretch in ThunderFit’s rings has its pros and cons. While it gives you a bit of leeway when choosing your size, it also means that over time, this ring may get a bit too stretched out and no longer fit snugly. It almost feels like you’re wearing a rubber band that will roll off of your finger if you’re not too careful.

Because this ring is so thin, too, it feels like too much stretching or pulling (when putting it on, for instance) may actually cause the ring to snap in two. It’s a bit too flimsy and fragile, which sort of defeats the purpose if you’re looking for a durable outdoor ring.

With that being said, the diamond pattern is incredibly cute and stylish. ThunderFit also offers a variety of colors and 8-packs (such as Bronze, Purple, Gold, Silver, and more).

I purchased my single black ring from Amazon for $9.95, while 8-packs are available for $11.95.

Ring #3: Qalo

Qalo is arguably the most well-known silicone wedding ring brand on the market… so needless to say, the expectations for quality and service are much, much higher.

As part of my Christmas gift, my partner ordered a customized Qalo ring for me off of their website. This is a unique service that Qalo offers, and it allows you to add a special touch to your silicone wedding ring!

Customizing your Qalo gives you several options: you can engrave the interior or exterior of the ring, including text or patterns.

As you can see from the photo, my partner opted to add a pine tree engraving to the exterior of my ring. It’s a small detail but makes your ring incredibly special. Other patterns include dots, swishes, lines, and more.

My partner also added a text engraving to the interior of the ring… a short saying that has special meaning to us and our relationship. You can engrave anything you’d like as long as you keep it 12 characters or less.

For all of the perks that customizing your Qalo offers, unfortunately, we had a terrible customer service experience. My partner ordered this ring several weeks before Christmas and paid extra for expedited shipping. Sadly, however, we didn’t receive the ring until well into January.

Multiple attempts to reach customer service — via phone, via email, and via social media — left us incredibly frustrated. What was supposed to be a surprise turned into a stressful experience for both me and my partner.

In the end, we received a refund for our expedited shipping costs only, bringing the total ring cost to $44.89 ($19.99 for the ring and $24.90 for the customization). While I love my ring and its durability (comparable to the Iron Band), I do not think either one of us will order a ring from Qalo again.

If you’re interested in exploring their customized ring options, my ring is the Women’s “Lupus” Purple Classic Silicone Ring with Heart. Customized rings can only be ordered directly from the Qalo website. If you’re an Amazon addict (like we are),  the same ring — minus customization — can be found here for $15.99.