Several months ago, around the time that I was also considering incorporating seafood back into my diet, I decided to take a second look at my daily multi-vitamin routine.

‘Til that point, I had been taking my vegan once-daily prenatal vitamin and hadn’t had any issues. Sure, throughout my pregnancy taking these tablets gave me extreme nausea… but there were lots of other things that did, too. Not a deal breaker whatsoever. My energy levels were fine, and I knew my body was getting whatever vitamins and minerals it needed to grow a baby.

But now, six months post-partum, I was extremely fatigued on a daily basis (and beyond the normal overworked-mother-who-doesn’t-get-enough-sleep kind of fatigued) and knew something was up. So… I decided to spring into action!

As a result of my lengthy online research on the best vegan vitamins for women, I started seeing ads popping up on Instagram for this really pretty, sleek-looking vitamin called Ritual. Almost instantly I was hooked… and I immediately signed up for a monthly subscription. (Thank you, online marketing!)

After trying Ritual for two months, here’s my short list of pros and cons when it comes to the expert-designed, pretty little capsules.

Pro: They're delightfully beautiful!

I mean… just look at ’em. Beautiful everyday things that bring genuine joy are totally my digs, so these vitamins are right up my alley. Just a week or so after ordering, they arrived in their beautiful, minimalist, extremely Instagram-friendly packaging.

Pro: They're TOTALLY "clean".

Another hook is that they’re “clean” — aka non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and void of any synthetic fillers or colors. The company is also totally transparent about their ingredients, sharing with customers exactly where they come from and why.

The deeper you go down the rabbit hole of vitamin ingredients, the more you realize how great it is that Ritual cares about the stuff it’s helping you put into your body!

Pro: They're formulated specifically for women.

This was something that intrigued me in my initial research about Ritual: they only contain the vitamins women need, and they don’t contain anything extra. From D3 to Omega-3, their team of scientists identified the nutrients most women aren’t getting enough of. Nothing more, nothing less.

When you order your subscription, you’ll receive a small booklet outlining the nutrients they decided to include… but if you’re curious, you can also browse on their website.

Pro: The subscription is super convenient!

Before Ritual, I wasn’t great about remembering to take my daily multivitamin. Most days, I did alright… but on days when I felt super rushed or deviated from my normal morning routine, I’d forget to pop one.

With Ritual, your monthly bottle is delivered right to your doorstep. Knowing that another bottle will arrive 30 days later helps me to remember to take my vitamin so that I’m not left with an over-abundance of capsules at the end of the month.

Pro: They're minty!

Honestly, the real selling point for me is that these vitamins are legitimately just as delightful as Instagram told me they were! The magic mostly lies in the magical minty tab, hidden in every bottle you receive. This clear food-safe plastic tab is infused with peppermint oil, making your vitamins smell (and lightly taste) minty.

It sounds like a small thing, but it actually goes a really long way. I looked forward to taking my vitamin every. single. morning.

Con: I didn't "feel" a difference.

Okay, now let’s get real. The reason I decided to start taking these vitamins isn’t because they were aesthetically pleasing, but because I needed to feel a difference in my daily energy levels. My theory is that my post-partum body was drained of essential nutrients, and I needed a shift in my vitamin routine to bring everything back into balance.

After two months taking Ritual vitamins, I can’t say I notice a marked difference. Of course, I asked myself, “Should you take them longer? How long will it take before you start feeling something?” I went directly to the source. According to the company’s website, “While many people feel a difference within 1-2 weeks, some don’t notice anything at all, and that’s okay.”

While you can certainly make the argument that it’s what’s happening inside your body that counts, I would hope that any positive progression happening internally would translate to increased energy, better mood, and overall just feeling good.

Unfortunately, Ritual didn’t do that for me.

Con: The ROI just wasn't there.

At $30/month, I just wasn’t experiencing the results I had hoped to see.

You could certainly argue that $30 is a steal when you take into the account the various bottles of vitamins you’d have to buy to achieve this same combination of vitamins and minerals… but for me, if it ain’t workin’, it ain’t workin’.

I would rather empty out the half-consumed bottles of other multivitamins I have hoarded in my bathroom cupboard than continue to pay for a subscription service that didn’t deliver my anticipated results. (Even if I’ll miss the minty taste!)

The Verdict: Though beautiful and delicious, Ritual's price point is too high for the average mommy consumer.

As a mother of a middle class, working family, these vitamins are just not reasonably priced. I mean, don’t get me wrong: we often shop at Whole Foods (and often opt for organic vs. conventional), we take family trips, and we don’t think twice about splurging on things we want.

But for not delivering any sort of feel-good results, $30/month for one person is enough to induce mommy guilt. That $30 could instead be used to buy clothes for a kiddo, or some healthy snacks, or an essential oil or two. Why waste money on something that just isn’t working?

The delicate, pretty, minty vitamin had enough positives for me to reconsider subscribing again only if the monthly price were lower. But at the current rate, unfortunately, Ritual is targeting more millennial and single households instead of mothers and families… missing the mark on a huge untapped market for vitamins and wellness.

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